About A.Z.R.I.E.L.

What does A.Z.R.I.E.L. stand for or what does it mean?

Well, I am Azrie'l a young single mom of two boys. I am "A.Zealous.Representation.In.Effulgent.Ladies".  I am passionate (zealous) about God and my faith as well as encouraging mothers to feel beautiful, worthy, and enough. Women are always shining bright (effulgent) through all we may go through. We are simply one of a kind!

 What is your Purpose?

As a single mother my purpose is to inspire, encourage, and empower young women through faith. My purpose is God purpose! 

What is your Goal?

My goal is to help my ladies work on there mental, spiritual, and emotional well being so that we may be perfect wanting nothing. I’m here to shed light to my young queens through faith and wisdom. I am building my brand to be that zealous representation and will soon be able to provide liable sources for our emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial wellbeing.